NRGized Media is a full-service public relations and brand consultancy representing an elite roster of talent, lifestyle and consumer brands. Passionate. Driven. Strategic. Determined. Persistent. and ALWAYS NRGized!

We MAKE It Happen
We develop strategies that enable brands to authentically connect with consumers and solidify relevance in the marketplace. We think big, plan meticulously and involve you in every step of the process to promote your brand, optimize your profile and champion your cause.

We Take Relationships One Step Further
We have the ear of the media. We know who to call and how they like to be pitched. With an unsurpassed network of newsmakers and influencers across every touchpoint of new and traditional media, we ensure your brand is seen by all the right people and that new opportunities are constantly being uncovered. Its taking you beyond that extra mile – where we never find any traffic jams.

We’re Just Different
We believe in creating strategies for your brand that motivate, excite and NRGize the consumer. Our placements statistics are unmatched and we’ve found the right formula to get your brand noticed.